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Personal Battles

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

As we live on earth we are always surrounded with people - parents, friends, family, community and the various people we meet within our day-to-day society, however we must realise that we are individuals, unique in our own ways. No two person's story is the same even if they encountered similar experiences. What is important to always bare in mind is we all go through things in life which shapes and molds us, and eventually partaking in the way we are fashioned.

Each day we wake up and breathe means we are guaranteed life to live, now what we make of it depends on us even though we may not always be in control of the circumstances and outcome. The thing with personal battles means it's a fight unique to the individual. Nobody can see the raw emotions, efforts made and struggles one faces daily. Within personal battles, you can feel lonely, isolated and left to your own demise. People will not fully understand even if you try to explain yourself, they just may not get it, why? Simply because what you're facing is personal to YOU.

Nonetheless, be reassured that although your battle maybe personal, you are not alone for the Lord Jesus is with you. He is the One who'll give you strength to keep on going, with wisdom to make the right choices, showing you which direction to take, leading you out of every trying situation.

If you ever find yourself currently going through a personal battle, hard and difficult situation I'll encourage you to not be or feel alone because the Lord Jesus is truly with you. Cry out to Him and He will save you. Keep in your mind that whatever it is you've gone through or are going through right now certainly won't break you, as victory is yours in Jesus name! And as you overcome, share your testimony giving all glory to God for what He has done, so as you share you story, another shall be blessed and encouraged. There is power in sharing your story and testimony, because there is purpose and meaning in ever personal battle.

"Hear my prayer, o Lord,

And let my cry for help come to you!"

Psalms 102 vs 1 (AMP)

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