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With Time

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Definition: ‘the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole’ (Google dictionary definition)

TIME – such a precious gift in our lives, so peculiar that we never really know when and how things will happen, when will it begin or even end. As beings, we never have full control but can only plan, then navigate with wisdom hoping and having faith for the very best outcome.

With time comes life experiences, lessons learnt whether good or bad, and change such as evolution (and no not in the Darwin’s sense). A person evolving spiritually, physically and mentally. Whatever we go through in life we can rely on the gift of time to see effective change simply because, with time comes healing, with time comes restoration, with time comes newness as we are given the opportunity for new beginning's, growth, new start and the grace of seeing things go from bad to better.

If time can teach us one thing is that nothing ever stays the same and we can thank Father God for that as He is the master of times, seasons and circumstances. Past, present and future are all enveloped within time and the bad in either of them does not have to influence each other if we choose not to. Here is a reminder to you, me and us – ALL good things take time and with enough patience, hope and faith Father God WILL make all things work out for our good.

With time all will be well in Jesus name.

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